Predict The Future by Mike Harrison


Many of Munich’s subway stations have distinctive architectural personalities, and local photographer Nick Frank brings some out in his striking series called Subway. Shooting the empty stations during off-peak hours, he trains his camera on vanishing points, and accentuates the bold colors, lines, graphics, and architectural details. The result is a collection of  dramatic, futuristic spaces that most of us Munich subway riders don’t see–at least not quite like this–but will certainly recognize. Frank hopes to take the project beyond Munich, photographing subway stations all over the world that make the most compelling visual backdrops to the everyday drama that occurs at much busier times of day. More of Frank’s subway images are at (PDN)


Guerra De La Paz - Coloured Clothing


A bit of sunshine after the dark, doom and gloom of tonight’s… topic.

More sunshine, more unity, more happy.

Detail of Peacock Feathers & Sunshine, encaustic and Ball mason jar lids on panel. [ ]

Neon by Nick Frank


Nothing But The Blur of Travelling Time
Jack Hardwicke 


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